25 Creepiest Playgrounds That are Taken From Kid’s Nightmares

All the parents love to take their kids to parks and playgrounds where they could play, this is of course done so that kids can have some entertainment and socialize with other kids.  These kind of parks are there in almost every neighborhood and mothers and fathers who take their kids to these parks also get a chance to catchup with other parents and socialize a bit.

Designs and structure of most of the parks are standard with a playground and few rides for the kids to enjoy. However in this post we present to you quite weird and different kind of parks and grounds, these are quite adrift from the standard parks, they’re quite creepy to be exact. So scroll down peeps and enjoy 20 of the weirdest playground designs.

That's one big rat trap

Lets sit together

Sneaking out


Not good for animal lovers

Who is impersonating who

Let me eat you


This seems to be broken

Would you like to swing with us

Wanna camp in the creepy tree

Do you wanna build a snowman

OMG Did he eat his own ear

Mother of Creepy Dragons

Going for a ride

Is that his nose or mouth

Not sure what this is doing on the playground

Welcome to Creepy world for children

Not the park to take your kids to if they're scared of spiders

Sitting with this tree could be fun

I see your soul

This playground eats children!

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