The 27 Awkwardest Facebook Pictures Ever Posted

Because there’s no better place to put your awkwardest pictures than for the whole world to see on the internet, we present the twenty-seven awkwardest Facebook pictures ever:

You would look lik this too after chugging Vodka

It's not their Fault Babies Love Starbucks

The Awkward Perverted Grandma

90% of this Tattoo is Misspelled

Awkwardest Online " Flirting " Ever

One Weird looking Dog

thanks Dad ....

Mad Ghetto swag

Awkwardest Facebook Pictures : So High

Not Even Close To McDonald's

YES , It's " Bubble " Wand

Don't Let Facts Get In the Way

Awkwardest Facebook pictures : Facepalm

You will Regret This Tattoo

one Very Awkward Facebook Picture Comment

Hidden Poo Facebook Pictuer

Awkwardest Facebook Pictuer Ever

Well , we all found it Funny

Awkward On Every Level

The Awkwardest Facebook Pictures : Sweet Blade

Nothing Says Weird like Misspelled Leopard Tattoos

What . the . F.

Extremely Awkward Profile Picture Fail

Grandpa Gets His Duckface On

Dad Makes Ridiculously awkward Comment

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