14 Facts About The Life of Kim Jong Un’s Pleasure Squad

They are taken from their classrooms as early as age 13; they undergo medical tests to check if they are virgins and then thrust into a life of service that includes catering to the physical pleasures of their supreme leader Kim Jong Un. This isn’t made-up not is it western propaganda as many would believe but actual facts as revealed by defectors from North Korea. Here’s what life is like for North Koreas infamous Pleasure Squad.

Who started the pleasure squad?

The first pleasure squad was started by Kim Jong Un’s grandfather in 1978. It North Korea they were known as Gippeumjo or happiness Squad and consisted of approximately 2000 women and girls trained to provide entertainment, security, pleasure that also includes physical pleasure, service and massages for the leader and high ranking officials. 

They took part in drunken parties

South Korean defectors have revealed how drunken pleasure parties were a regular part of the regime where women were also made to shave their genital areas whenever they lost a bawdy game

They have to provide 10 years of service

The girls of the pleasure squad are required to provide at least 10 years of service. In this period they live in groups in separate villas in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. Their written pledge also bans them from contacting their families. Once they reach 20 or 25, they are gifted as wives to army officers who are usually the elite members of Kim Jong Un’s inner circle. The reason for this is to simply keep their mouths shut

Kim Jong UN disbanded it in 2011 but resumed again

In 2011, the pleasure squad was disbanded by Kim Jong Un but shortly after that he resumed it again. In fact the despot was reported to have demanded fresh recruits as most of the prettiest girls had been gifted to army officers. 

Kim Jing UN imports $3 million in lingerie

What Kim Jong Un does with his pleasure squad isn’t known as very little information filters out but tabloids have reported that he imported from China lingerie to the tune of $3 million in 2016

They are married off as gifts to army officers

When they reach twenty, they are forcibly married to army generals as a reward for their loyalty to the leader. One former pleasure squad member, Mi Hyang who defected to South Korea, revealed how when she was 15 she was snatched away from her classroom by two soldiers. They also questioned her whether she had physical relations with a boy. She was made a servant of Kim Jong Il. The same claims were made by several defectors who have escaped the despot’s tyranny

They have to be virgins when selected

According to the South Korean paper Chosun llbo, the girls are selected and made to sign an agreement pledging their secrecy for money and gifts. The pleasure squad it is alleged is made up of girls 13-15 or above and taken from their families on pretext of serving the government. Before they can be inducted into training, they are sent for a medical test to certify them as virgins

Kim Jong UN loves living lavishly

Jong is also known to enjoy French wine, Russian Vodka and caviar that flows freely during his wild parties. During these parties, it is the squad that ends up providing the entertainment and physical favors. According to officials, the pleasure squads are the same as military duty.

They may be paid or married off after their service is over

Those who provided entertainment were also paid $4,000 after their service was over and they returned to their hometowns. All the girls in the pleasure squad received gifts and home appliances and lead a life of luxury for the services they provide. Some are also gifted to army officers

 They are specially chosen by officials and army soldiers

The girls of the pleasure squad are handpicked by government officials and army officers who select the prettiest girl. There are other criteria that go into the selection process such as height and talent.

They should not be over 165 cm tall

Mi Hiyang also revealed that Since Kim Jong Un is short, no girl over 165cm is chosen for his present pleasure squad. The girl’s body should also not have any scars, blemishes and marks. They should be feminine and soft-spoken

 The final selection consists of 2000 girls

For the pleasure squad, no less than 2,000 girls are chosen, snatched from schools and families. No one dares raise any objection for fear of execution or imprisonment. The girls are then sent for training that also may include military training and of course knowledge of servicing men so that they can provide pleasure exceptionally. The pleasure squad is also the maverick leader’s personal bodyguard which is why the best from the 2000 end up directly in the service of the leader. Although it isn’t known but North Koreans successful girl pop band was also created by Kim

Even boys are chosen to be servants

The girls are chosen from across the country and 50 of them make the final grade. There are also 15 boys who are chosen to be servants to Kim. Mi Hiyang said she was made to write the allegiance pledge with blood drawn from her finger. 

 Girls cannot refuse

No girl can refuse to accept being inducted into the pleasure squad. As is the norm in North Korea which is an open secret, people cannot voice objections to such practices for fear of disappearing, execution or imprisonment

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