15 Cute and Romantic Things All Couples Do But Would Not Admit

When two persons fall in love, they want to spend each and every moment together so there comes a time when they either decide to move in or get married

When they start living together, they get to know each other in a better way. There is no denying the fact that being in a relationship means accepting a person’s good as well as bad habits.

Indisputably, when an individual likes someone or wants to impress her, he tries every possible thing to create a good impact through his manners, behavior and conduct. However, when they both develop liking for one another and decide to live together, many big and small changes take place which are cute, romantic, creepy and weird. The concerned couple adjusts with those changes and loves to indulge in such strange activities but they never accept doing them in front of others.

Here we present 15 things which almost all the couples do but they never openly admit:

Giving the correct fashion advice

Usually guys are afraid of giving fashion advice to girls as most of the times they are not sure what to say. Secondly, they are scared as to how the girl will react to their advice. But as a man and a woman start living together, they both trust each other and know that their partner will always give them the correct advice

Spending quality time naked

Well when two people are in love, they do many things which are romantic in nature and sometimes strange but cute too. One such thing is enjoying meals together or hanging out but naked. Every couple tries to increase excitement and for some, this is also a way of increasing love
Being close even if it’s sweating

Couples feel comfortable and happy in arms of each other even in the summer season when it sweats a lot. No matter how hot the atmosphere is, it is difficult for love birds to remain far from each other and they just wish to cuddle regardless of weather or situation

Taking embarrassing or silly photos of each other

Nowadays, as we all have smartphones, we are able to click as many photos we want and whenever we wish to. Couples also love to get clicked together and love it more when they get a chance to click their partner while doing some silly, cute or embarrassing act such as sleeping on a chair and snoring
Singing random songs

Sometimes when you are watching or listening to a song of your choice, you may get the feeling of getting up and start singing it loudly. Well this happens a lot with couples and as one of them starts singing, the other one also joins and that too with complete feelings

When one doesn’t want to share food

Watching TV together is almost a daily activity for couples and having popcorns at that time is like a tradition. But there are times when one of the partners doesn’t want to share the popcorn and tries to fail the attempt made by the other person in a romantic manner
 Ending up in the same restaurant

Eating out is something that couples love to do, especially eating out in different restaurants and enjoying the taste of their special dishes. However, some couples get confused when they have to choose from various restaurants and at the end of the day, they are back to the restaurant where they visit the most

Get entangled closely in the winters

When they don’t mind cuddling in the summers, how can they remain far from each other in the winters? In fact, it is one of the best times when they can get cozy and lie very close to one under a blanket just like two bodies and one soul.
Checking each other for smell

Men can be smelly many times and they don’t mind going out with it but women are very particular about hygiene. So this is obvious that it is mostly a woman who keeps a check on her partner and does not let him go outside when his body doesn’t smell good

Their pet is like their kid

A pet such as a dog or cat makes the family or home complete for a couple. They adore and love the pet so much and it appears that it is no less than their kid. They get dedicated in taking care of the pet and bring toys etc. as if they are upbringing their own child and not an animal
They spend time together and talk a lot even while using bathroom

Earlier, bathroom used to be a private place where an individual would like to spend time alone but now after moving in together, there is nothing as such private bathroom. Now bathroom has become a place for discussion for the couple because when people are in love, every place is beautiful

 Taking shower together

Couples like to spend romantic time and what can be more romantic than taking shower together and feel each other. Moreover, a benefit of this is that they both can help each other with back scrubs. This is quite a private time for couples and moments like this bring them closer
No more hiding farts and burps

As couples get closer, shame and hesitation lose their importance and they start doing those things openly which they used to hide earlier. We are talking about farts and bumps; previously there was a fear in their minds as to what the other person will think of them if he/she comes to know about fart or burp but now they both are fearless

 Watching reality shows together

Watching TV shows together and having snacks at that time is a favorite past time of couples and some couples like to watch the reality shows the most. The reality shows of today can sometimes cross the limit of decency so be careful of what is going on TV; however, couples can plan to watch these shows late night
Getting soaked in the angle of spoon

What can be more relaxing than sleeping in the arm of your loved one and that too if you have told earlier that this time you will be the spoon in bed. It will make your partner hold you tightly from behind and there is no better way than spooning to feel the closeness. Agree?

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