15 Funny Celebrity Photo Memes That Went Viral

When we talk about hilarious celebrity photos, you can never have too much of that good thing. And by harnessing the revolutionary and almost magical power of the internet, we never have to miss out on the latest celebrity memes which is just the best thing about life, isn’t it?

So if you agree with us then you will be excited to hear that we dug up 15 such funny celebrity photos which will make you ROFLMAO.

Be sure to let us know which photo is your favorite in the comments section below

Katy Perry’s Left Shark

The funny Rock

Kim Kardashian

Leonardo DiCaprio

Steven Tyler

The real royal wedding

Joe Biden


Ariana Grande

Scarlett Johansson

Keanu Reeves

Justin Bieber

Lenny Kravitz

Vladimir Putin

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