15+ Of The Worst Celebrity Fashion Fails Ever.

The word ‘fashion’ can be quite stretched to include a number of weird, yet beautiful styles of clothing and wear, inspired by their own beauty and striving to achieve an even greater public image, celebrities often spend thousands upon thousands of dollars, just to be dressed appropriately for the numerous red carpet events they visit.However, what’s beautiful for some is often considered quite ugly by others. Whether on purpose or not, these Celebrities have chosen to go to official events dressed in a particular manner, that can be considered nothing else but a fashion fail.

With the subjective nature in fashion in mind, here are the biggest celebrity fashion fails of all time.

Lady Ga Ga

We all know that Lady Gaga is a bit weird when it comes to her fashion sense. While some consider it a statement, we can’t help but think that Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress was nothing else but a fashion fail

Madonna’s Givenchy Couture Number

Wearing Givenchy Couture Madonna wanted to look but extremely sexy. And while she looks extremely sensual for her age, this outfit looks like something you’d keep in the bedroom
Kim Kardashian

Kim does try her very hardest to look effortlessly stylish, and on most occasions, she pulls a variety of styles off well.

But this year’s Grammys saw her make a fashion faux pas that sent her straight to the top of many worst dress lists. Renowned for experimenting with a wealth of playful looks, Kim stepped out wearing a floor length Jean Paul Gaultier robe that screamed look at me, but it was a step to far.
Who wears a robe to a major awards ceremony?

Conan Rocks Jeggings

Jon Bon Jovi, 1991

A purple, crushed velvet, long-coat tuxedo with leather lapels? He must have been high, right? Just look at the grin on his face. If that's not the grin of a man who just hotboxed his limo, I don't know what is


When Caprice stepped out in this unusual dress, we thought she had stepped straight out of the garden. Featuring a selection of embroidered bright metallic insects scattered across what would have been a lovely blush pink dress, our first thought was, is something bugging her?

Garish and wrong on so many levels. Insects are best kept in the garden Caprice!
Anne Hathaway, 2013

It's a lovely dress, really. Just so very very nippley

 Amber Rose’s VMA Look

It’s quite common to see celebrities in little-to-no clothing, however, Amber Rose’s VMA look simply screamed ‘Look at me!,’ with her dress revealing too much and being quite the fashion fail.

Again Lady Ga Ga

They were the gloves that launched a thousand memes

Marc Jacobs Channels His Inner “Mugatu”

Helena Bonham Carter’s Weird Red Carpet Choice

Being quite the odd ball, Helena Bonham Carter has worn some of the most bizarre dresses in her public appearances. However, this one is simply the worst, especially having in mind her weird choices

Gwyneth Paltrow, 2002

Was any Oscar dress every so universally reviled as this McQueen number from 2002?

Nicole Kidman, 1996

Speaking of nightgowns

All Of Miley Cyrus’ Outfits

Considered to be a fashion icon, Miley Cyrus is simply bizarre. Having no shame in showing off her body, her fashion choices are what they are!

Cara Delevigne’s Pizza Onesie

Gwyneth Paltrow, 1999

Many people consider this one of the most beautiful and iconic Oscar dresses of all time, but all I see when I look at it is bunch of wrinkles and an ill-fitting bodice. It's not awful, just awfully overrated
Bjork’s White Swan

Edy Williams, 1993

Whoa! Suddenly, Gwyneth's pink dress doesn't look so bad anymore
Kesha Goes Full Kesha

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