15 People Looking Insanely Photogenic In Awkward And Uncomfortable Situations

Call it perfectly captured pictures on the lens or just plain Photoshop, but these photos look as if the people in them were posing just at the right moment

Is it just us or the Eagle looks too big ?

Showers of blessing

Babe we are famous

When you take a super hot mud bath

Well, this model seems to have run the race to impress his Instagram followers

Hey photographer! Did you get this shot?

I’m the tide queen

Get that shot dude!

Hey guys! Check out my perfectly manicured nails

I might as well go down posing. Howz my pout?

We just found our new world love!

Yo! Bro my brother from another mother!

Ma, look! I can jump

Fire in the mountain - time to pose lol!

Might as well give me a flying kiss too


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