15 Photos Proving That Pictures Uploaded On Social Media Are Completely Fake

Instagram, the photo-sharing app has become very popular nowadays, especially among the youngsters and everyone is trying their best to click the photos which can get them the maximum likes. However, it’s not easy to click such photos especially when you have limited resources and that is the time when you have to use your brain like these people have used, whose photos we will be sharing with you. These people have shown that by using some simple techniques, really good photos can be clicked, you just need to try new things and you will get to learn a lot. Here are some photos which will tell you about the reality of the photos that are uploaded on social media platforms:

 How nicely she is dressed

Have a look at the pretty lady dressed in pink but the reality is little different as the dress doesn’t seem to fit as perfectly as it is seen in the first photo. Because of the second photo, we came to know that good numbers of clips are used to make the dress look perfect. Must have bought online, what do you say?

It takes more than two for a good click

The photo seems to be a good click as the girl is trying to show that she is close to nature but when the reality is shown, it is founded that this photo can’t be complete without the third person on whom the girl is sitting
A great click needs something more than photography skills

It is far cheaper to use two potted plants for a photograph rather than taking the whole unit to somewhere with big trees. The second photo discloses that two potted plants were lifted by the crew members while the third member clicked the photo while sitting on the ground.

Want to get photographed at tourist attractions

If you want to get photographed at beautiful places but you don’t have enough money or time for that, then you just need to buy some big posters of the locations that you want to be clicked at. Make some lighting arrangements after sticking the poster on the wall, give a pose in front of poster and get clicked.

Job of a photographer is very tough

Yes, whether you believe it or not, the job of a photographer is very tough. Look at this photographer, he is not just lying on the ground but also getting inside the lacey part of the gown of bride just to have a smoky effect with a perfect angle while the couple kiss each other.

This iPhone is a little different

iPhone is a craze among the youngsters but this guy is a genius as he is giving everybody an impression that he is using an iPhone while in reality, he is just using the back cover of iPhone. If you see the second photo, you can see he has fitted his phone inside the back cover of the iPhone
 This girl is pretty clever

This first photo will definitely get a lot of attention on the social media as this clever girl is fully aware of what is liked by the guys on the social media. However, we still need to praise her thought process and the manner in which she used her knees to create an illusion

Photo on a boat

Even if you live far away from a sea or lake and you have never ever taken a ride on boat, still you can make people believe that you have travelled in a boat. You just need a photo of a boat sailing in sea, in a magazine and click it as it has been done in the photo below.

Your dog winning awards in dog show

Dog owners love to see their dogs winning awards in dog shows but if your dog is really a tough one to train and you can’t take him to such shows, still you can boast of your dog winning awards. You just to need to make him sit in front of the laptop screen with photos of dogs with awards on your laptop and show some photography skills.

Being single, let’s improvise

Nowadays, being single is not taken in a good manner among the youngsters so those who are single are always under the pressure to show that they have also got someone special. This guy has mastered the technique of showing that there is someone who is with him, however, in reality, it is just him.

Tasty food on social media

Nowadays, people upload the photos of food dishes cooked by them or ordered in the restaurant on the social media networks. However, we will tell you a method using which you can upload such photos without even cooking or ordering, open a cookbook and click the photo cleverly and upload on social media

Watching a match in stadium

If you want to boast of watching a match in the stadium but don’t want to spend a good amount in buying the ticket, you just need a big screen TV and two friends. One of your friends will click you while you pose in front of the TV screen while another friend can increase the brightness by showing some light.
Perfect photo, but wait

This seems to be a perfect photo of a girl who is in love holding hands of her lover but wait, if the hands of the lover are also occupied then who is taking the photograph. Well, the reality is spilled in the second photo and it is absolutely not romantic at all*

How low will she go ?

Well, the beautiful lady gives us an impression that she is engrossed in some thoughts as she got clicked from outside the glass window. However, when we come inside the room what we get to see makes us ask, how low will she go for a perfect shot?
 This photographer is at risk of getting injured

As we have said earlier, the job of the photographer is not easy and in this case, the photographer is at the risk of getting injured. The girl is looking very beautiful in the white dress and the surroundings are also adding to her beauty but for taking this good click, the photographer has to position himself in slanting manner and a little slip can also make him fall in the lake


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