16 Times When Women Found Effective_Solutions To Everyday Problems

Life always comes with its challenges. We face many peculiar problems every day. In those situations, the ability of problem-solving can come really handy. It acts as your savior when stuck bad. However, some ideas that may seem to work great for you in time of need may seem outright crazy to the others. As is known, there's just a fine line difference between innovative and coocoo. We have always seemed to appreciate women for the ability to multitask. However, do you know that they're good at ideating too? Here are some unusual yet effective solutions by women to problems.

How to sneak snacks into the multiplex

Jeans repair on a budget

When she's always complaining about the seat, she does this

Feet tired of walking with heels? Try this instead

How to store false eyelashes

Keep him from thinking about other girls. Only you

A plastic doll lying around? Use it as a phone stand instead

When your boyfriend is asked to clean the house

Pimples… chance to shine

We're in 2018. But this woman? She's in 3018

Not breaking the law. Really

 Hair extensions on a budget

No eating the crust, no guilt

Yeah she could close the window lid. But women, they're.. different


 After selfie stick, selfie shoes

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