20 Celebrities Crazy Fashion That Astonish People

These days anything can pass for fashion especially when it is worn by celebrities. Celebrities like to think of themselves as trendsetters, which is true in most cases as we all like to copy our favorite celebrities. However beware people, sometimes you can make a laughing stock of yourself if you go wearing everything that these celebs deem fashionable.

Today’s post is quite hilarious in which celebrities decided to experiment with fashion by wearing these “things” and we seriously don’t know what they are wearing. So scroll down peeps and enjoy these famous people making a joke of themselves wearing these hilarious dresses.

Rihana being the mystery that she is

 The guy next to her is all of us

I'm a walking talking raw steak

Was this the trending in 2003? Don't think so.

Working her magic at the red carpet

Is there a party in the U S A??

She's thick in all the right places

Coming straight from my camping trip

Straight outta shower

How's she even walking in that thing?

Are pets allowed inside?

Talk about making a funky entrance

 Clothes still loading

Gotta do something new

The hairstylist played a prank on her

How U-necks used to be

The girl has no name

Cross dressing Compton style

The only time she got to put her hand on one of those

Shining pearls always get the spotlight. Especially if they're shedding light on how dumb your choice in clothing is.

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