20 Photos You Want to Look Twice or Maybe Even a Third Time

At times, things aren’t what they look like. While our peepers are an amazing sensory tool, we can’t always trust them. At a quick glance, optical illusion interferes with our judgment and we often misinterpreting something simple.

Look at these photos to see what I am talking about as these pictures were taken at just the perfect time.

Look in the mirror!

Nice legs...

He is not wearing bikini.

For a second i thought the tan stripe on her joggers was the gap between her thighs and i ALMOST LOST IT

This is a bit..

Can you figure out where her other leg is

Seems like this guy have abnormally loooong legs!

This is not headless man

Creepy girlfriend!

Who's standing ?

This lady have three legs.

Pic of two plump pigeons perched on the ledge but ended up getting a picture of two massive pigeons looking for their car

Oh never mind, it's her arm!

What is going on here

Ok... Now get you mind out of the gutter, this is a sweet family photo!

The cat look like it made out of a head and just one massive arm

Horse lady

trong girlfriend. Wait.....What ?

Snapdragons Are Beautiful Flowers, But When They Die… They Turn Into Creepy Looking Like Skulls

Nope! he's not naked

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