20+ Vacation Photo Fails That Will Make You Laugh

We all love vacations, after all who doesn’t want a break from their busy routine. We all like to take a break from our stressful routines. We party and we take pictures to capture those moments.

Today’s post is hilarious in which we are showing people who are on vacations and enjoying their time but unfortunately the pictures that they captured aren’t quite what they intended, the results are hilarious. Scroll down peeps and enjoy these 27 photo fails, some of these are way too funny and will make you laugh out loud

Everything was going fine until the emu ran up to the car window

He knows where the treat is

You laugh, you loose

My friends throwing me into a relationship like

Mom made a new friend at the zoo

The Tale of a Catastrophe

They said the zoo animals are friendly. Didn't know it means this!

The Italian treat

Evan to the rescue!!

Checking for dead bodies

Corporate employees to their boss 24/7

Life of a foodie

Not your perfect day at the beach

It was better if he just shat on him

He's got the calmness of Samurai lord. Unlike some people...

My wife's hair after 15 minutes in -20º F (-29º C) while basking in some hot springs

If Jaws was a sad movie

When you don't wanna share your food

When you can't find shorts and you only have female friends so this is the only swimsuit you can borrow...

 Eagle eagle go away, come again some other day

Throwback to "The Mummy"

Hooping gone bad

Almost there grandpa

Ever dry humped a mountain?

So what's the weirdest couple activity you've ever seen?

When I try to take a panorama pictures.....

Me when my gf asks, what have you done to support our relationship?

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