27 Times Parents Risked Their Kids’ Lives For A Funny Picture :D

Sometimes, a good picture is worth endangering the lives of minors. When you’ve got yourself a brand new gun, encountered a dangerous animal or, joy of joys, both, what better way to display it than next to an innocent child? These twenty-seven scary family photos will make you relieved that children are a renewable resource:

That’s not a diaper rash. This is a diaper rash

I don’t know, he was yelling something about a princess, and a mushroom… just crazy talk.

For crying out loud, Dad, the sight’s misaligned, the barrel’s dirty, and you left the safety off during inspection. 50 pushups, right now

Sir, I don’t know if this eight-foot python you say your child is choking on is literal or just some kind of boast, but either way it sounds like you’re probably going to jail

We tried to come up with a reasonable backstory for this one, but the shortest we could get it down to was a trilogy of novels and a miniseries.

I can’t go out of the house with a wrinkled baby. What will people think? Oh, also, we’re out of meth

The machine is actually switched off. This is just what kids look like when you marry your cousin.

Aww, she’s passed out and peed her pants again. Welp, let’s get you upstairs to bed while your mom sleeps it off.

Fortunately, Juggalos don’t often make Thanksgiving dinner, because Juggalos have nothing to be thankful for

Ironically, it was both the father’s arms that wound up being packed in ice 10 minutes later.

ex, Billy, I believe in two things: discipline and the Bible. Here you’ll receive both. Put your trust in the Lord; your ass belongs to me. Welcome to Shawshank

Even odds that this baby’s first word is “bro

Yeah…yeah, I see the problem. Nah, not today, no…haven’t got the parts on the van. I can probably fit you in a week from Thursday?

Somewhere out there, a teacher is reading this little girl’s “what I did on my vacation” essay and ordering herself a bulletproof vest.

Do you want mimes? Because this is how you get mimes

This kid’s expression suggests he just caught a glimpse of his own future.

 Well, if it all goes wrong, you can always claim it was autoerotic asphyxiation gone bad.

I bet you ‘wish’ you hadn’t thrown my penny in there now, don’t you?

Even Indiana Jones has embarrassing childhood photos.

You go first and don’t worry, *chuckle* the bridge is perfectly *snort* safe

What kind of maniac would do something like this? That’s clearlynot a saute pan, and the potato/carrot ratio is way off.

Sometimes you just want to take a bath with a dog and your baby and a pink hunting rifle but without taking your clothes off or filling the bath with water. #JustGirlyThings

Don’t worry, it’s just the angle that makes it look like the kid’s taped to the wall. It’s actually the ceiling

The Grimace demands at least one human sacrifice per day

Hold still so I can get the candy out

Haha! It’s funny because our child would rather commit suicide than be a part of this family!

This is the kind of dad who gives an interview after his son’s murder trial and says, “I just don’t understand how this could have happened, we never saw it coming

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