30 Epic Fashion Fails Of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for her odd fashion preferences and unorthodox life decisions. There are people who appreciate her for having the courage to pursue what she deems right, and there are others who severely criticize her choices. Whether you like her or you don’t, you’ll agree, after browsing the photos in this post, that Kim needs a fashion mentor. Sometimes her choice of attire is simply hilarious

Listed in this post are 30 epic fashion fails by Kim Kardashian, scroll on and enjoy peeps:

 Damn Daniel!

When Kim went commando


Wild cats FTW

Saying hello may be costly at times

Kanye had an extra coat so I borrowed it


When you've gotta flaunt your dress but its cold AF

Wearing that to a red carpet requires a lot of confidence

Has Kanye even seen these?

See it? No you don't

Well it can't get any tighter than that

Can you see these invisible shoes?


8 months in? Khaki's the way to go for you!


When you make a dress outta dining table linen

 Ever love yourself so much?

Wanna try some naked noodles?

Dining table linen part 2

Have some mercy on these feet!

Mixing 4 different fashions into one costume

Almost there

When you forget to put makeup

I fail to understand the logic behind this dress

Going back to the future fellas

So you like robes eh?

I know you wanna take a dive

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