30 Epic Red Carpet Fashion Fails

Celebrities are expected to be fashion divas that set trends for others to follow, but on some occasions they simply lose it and show up on the red carpet in hideous outfits.

Perhaps they’re just trying to be open to experimentation or maybe they actually think they look nice in what they’re wearing, regardless of their motivation behind their choice of dress, they look absolutely absurd.

Listed in this post are photos of hilarious red carpet fashion fails.
Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

Nothing's too fancyNothing's too fancy

 Cara not giving enough f**ks

Dressing to a red carpet likes you're going to a pillow fight

At least she bothered covering them up this time around

When your attempt on looking Crystal clear goes too far

She needs better lipstick advice

Just a failed attempt at sexiness

Straight outta circus

Wearing night suits to red carpets is a really bad idea

Too big to handle

There isn't any color on earth you can't find in this attire

What a golden fail

When the designer isn't really sure what he wants

When Kim's red carpet dress was a disaster

She wore her bed sheet to the red carpet

Madonna and her bum bums

The gloves ruined it all

Red carpet or boot camp

She wore her bed sheet to the red carpet

When you successfully dress like an alien

So you thought dressing like a sausage would be cool

When you try going with a simple look and even fail at that

Wearing duct tape should always be the last option

Under dressed? She doesn't think so

It's the music awards not a fancy dress competition

When you're going to dance class but end up at the red carpet

When being cool goes wronga

When you forget to wear pants and decide to just go with the flow

She just laced her body up for the event

She dressed like the Pope

When the designer tricks you into buying useless dresses every time

When ironing was not a thing

When you're really into accessories

When the designer keeps adding unnecessary stripes

Overly dressed? What's that?!

Straight outta the s*xtape

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