30 Girls Facing the Most Awkward and Enchanting Fails

Awkward things happen and in the world of smartphones and digital cameras these awkward moments are instantly shared online for the whole world to laugh at; unless you’re the one in the awkward mess, the whole spectacle is quite funny for everyone who sees it in real life or on social media.

In this post we have listed up 30 hilarious photos of women facing extremely awkward and funny situations. You’ll definitely be laughing out loud by the time you’ve finished.  Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

The pool isn't a happy place for everyone

Yum buns

The Starks are sorry

Khloe and her granny pants

Not the prank everyone can handle

 That's not how you color your hair

When hunger strikes

The period ended earlier this time so I thought of a better use for my this

Gotta taste it when its so yummy

That's a lucky bag

Error 404, pants not found

When you're on the subway but hormones kick in

Stephanie Gilmore wardrobe malfunction!

Almost through

Well, that's a weird name

Always wanted to have a tail

Fat loss technique number 125

Improvisation matters most

Cinderella, here’s your shoe!

Another face to handle all the bullshit

A whispering pants .. you see the lips move but you do not hear them !!! Wha ha ha

Do what the Romans did

What do you love?

When you can't decide if you wanna wear pants or not

Noodle soup anyone?

Makeup fail

The blending is lit

Ever been so drunk?

Bull's eye

How my Monday mornings start

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