32 Epic Snapchat Fails That Will Make You Laugh

Teens and adults alike are hooked on SnapChat; I guess everyone wants their friends and sometimes the whole world snooping into their whole life through the lens of a camera. People feel comfortable sharing all sorts of absurd photos on snapchat because firstly, the pictures and videos they share will automatically be removed after 24 hours and secondly they’ll know anyone who screenshots their photos. Of course some pictures are so hilarious that people will screenshot them anyway without worrying about the owner’s privacy or wishes. So be careful what you post folks, you might end up being in one of these screenshots yourself.

At least she looks cute

When you get access to your girlfriend's cellphone


My childhood ducky never leaves me alone

Our squad had a sleepover

Lets play Rugby they said, it will be fun they said

Google wants to shut themselves down after this!

That's how you are supposed to get a tan!

Morning regrets

Tiny Soldiers the new Corp

Chilling by the pool

Welcome to 21st Century

My little brother got a snapchat. Wasn't disappointed.

Cause the purpose of the library was to learn cooking

No, the carpet must have ran away from her!


He got his priorities figured out

 Snap chat captures some of life's greatest moments....

Making new discoveries

I hope he is throwing up

Kids will be kids

I though this only happens to me!

Snapping your EX

Cheap Manicure

Things which should not be posted on Snapchat

At least they tried to improvise!

When you are desperate

Yes, literally!!

The creator of Faceswap must be ashamed after this!

We don't even want to know how she did that..

Lol.. Might be true


Please save the dog!! Please!!

Job well done!

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