Artist Photoshops Disney Characters in Everyday Situations of Modern World

Imagine what it would be like if our favorite Disney characters walked out of the animated world into the real one. It would be interesting to see them parading around in our world.

Listed in this post are photos of Disney characters living in our world as depicted by Andhika

NOT keeping up with the Kardashians

I’ve got this

Ariel losing her senses

Come in here look what I’ve got

Gotta love the Disney party

Little beauty and the beast

 Me heading into winter break like

The Ladies man

The Asgardian beauty

Got enough clothing for the both of us

Baby, baby, baby.. ooh

Disney beach parties be like

Snow white at Coachella

Guess who doesn’t care

When the clock is about to strike 12

The wildling won’t be happy about this

 My sun and stars

This is America

Who wore it better ?

That’s why I get the window seat

From El Dorado to The Knicks

Wonder woman has had Arabic relations in the past

The brotherhood

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