Funny Olympic Fails That Might Make You Feel Bad For Laughing

We all love Olympics and all its festivities. We all laugh and cheer at the moments when our favorite team wins a medal or scores a victory. We also laugh at the stupid falls and clumsy drops during an Olympics game. But it is not very common that we come across moments where we find ourselves confused between laughing and feeling sorry for the players.

Here we have collected 23 such hilarious Olympic instances caught on camera that are sure to make you laugh, and feel for the players at the same time:

 Kiss my ass!

Tip: Always take a toilet trip before you lift.

Did he even lift,

Never knew this was an Olympic Spor

When things don't go as planned

Down and out

Bull's eye!

They runnin, we trippin.

Shushh. No talking in the game

The finger says it all.

When you find pickle in your food

 Noo. Not a head shot!

Tastes like pee down there

Hello from the other sidee!

YOLO- You Only Lift Once


Get into pro wrestling they said. It'll be fun they said

When you knew all along what a nut job your sport was

About to go Super Saiyan

Baller Face Palm

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