The 33 Funniest Sexy Selfie Fails Ever

If there is one aspect of technology that has brought out the worst of us in the past decade, it’s the rise of cameras on phones. Nowadays, every event and minute of life must be documented on social networks with self-taken pictures (aka, selfies) used as a vehicle to satiate over-inflated egos. Luckily, this kind of unmitigated narcissism has one big benefit: people are too full of themselves to realize they look like complete idiots and willingly share their moments of failure for the world to see. Lo and behold, the funniest sexy selfie fails of all time:

 we feel your pain kid

Sexy Selfie Fails : Ouch

grandma , make your sexy Face !!!

Yes , I would like a tattoo Of Me taking A picture of Myself , No , i'm being serious

who needs to Roo

Pooping With The Door Open

Kids : Great For Taking Sexy Selfies

chocolate Rain

Nothing is Hotter Than A lifetime of responsibility

Is Geronimo In the Bathroom With You !!!!

Sexy selfie Fails : Dat Beer Belly

Nothing Hotter Than A Funeral Home

Just What Tornado Victims Need : Your Selfie

So Hot With My Guns Out And My Nickelback Shirt Rolled Up

Sexy Selfie Fails : WTF

Sexy Poo Time

Total Rockstar

Nothing Like Jail ToGet The OL' Hormones going

Kids Gotta learn About Selfies Early

Yes , I Would Like To Call President Taft

Two Parts Creepy , One Part Hilarious

Today I Learned About Duckfaces


Sexy Selfie Fails : Suddenly ... Geraldo

She Just Had A Bunch Of Burritos For Lunch

Definitely Not Photoshopped


Sexy SelfieFails : Dat Face

job interview Selfie

Someone Totally Washed Their Ass In This 5 Minutes Ago

Broken Ankle Selfie

Totally Nonchalant

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