The Most Embarrassing And Weird Celebrity Stage Fails (Part 2)

Stage is not something easy to handle. Even if you are a star or you have performed so many times on the stage. You always ends up being nervous. Sometimes you rock the Stage. Sometimes you get caught in the most embarrassing situations that people can never forget. We have listed up some of the most embarrassing Stage fails of your favorite celebrities.

Hope you enjoy!

Mariah Carey showing her inner diamonds!



Fergie couldn’t resist!

Isn’t it perfection?


When Pamela ripped apart.

A K-Pop celeb embarrassing stage fail.


 Britney spears having a bad day!

Miley Cyrus is so in love love her v*****

Miley loves to pose like this.

Justin timberlake ripping janet jackson

Rihanna was in mood!

When Justin bieber vomits on stage

Harry’s stage fall!

nrique Iglesias bloody drone accident

Nip slip of nicki minaj

Nicki got a friend with benefits

Cardi was unaware of her transparent panties

Jessie J was on fire!

When Demi was asked about her favorite dish

Justin pants off!

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