These Hilarious Barbie Instagram Accounts Are Way Better Than Our Real Ones

Most of us have at some point gotten sick of the never-ending stream of self-glorifying Instagram posts. Whether it’s well lit pictures of scones, girls posing with African orphans, or rich guys getting onto private planes, there’s no limit to the BS people can come up with to post online

Luckily for us, there are some amazing Barbie Instagram accounts to throw shade on our least favorite people on the internet. Whether it’s Barbie Savior (a girl on her gapyear determined to save and photograph #orphans because of #Jesus), a millennial mom who will not stop posting photos of her pregnancy, a rich socialite with too much Berkin for her own good, or a SoCal hipster with an affinity for coffee, wanderlust, and all things #pacificnorthwest, these plastic lives put our real ones to shame:


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