This Girl Undergo 50 Plastic Surgeries To Look Like Her Idol Angelina Jolie

Sahar Tabar is a 22-year-old girl who is from Iran. She considers herself to be the greatest fan of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. She underwent around 50 plastic surgeries to look like Angelina. She also lost approximately 40 kg to be physically similar to the Hollywood actress. While some people consider it as a hoax that she has gone through so many surgeries, some others say that she has gone through such transformations with the help of prosthetics or makeup. But even after being involved in such controversial issues, Sahar still has got around 5,920 followers on Instagram.

Sahar was initially very good looking and beautiful. But afterward, when she went through the surgeries, she started looking hideous

Her surgeries were one of the worst as well as the saddest surgeries ever done

It has been reported that she started following a certain diet which made her lose around 40 kg weight

Her transformation was liked by no one, and in fact, some people even started comparing her to hideous creatures like zombies

People have started wondering about the reasons regarding why she went through such a hideous transformation

Her life has become a hot topic among many people around the world because of the shocking transformations that she went through to look like Angelina Jolie

No one really knows whether Sahar really went through all 50 surgeries as claimed by her

But it is definitely clear that those surgeries and transformations could not make her look like Angelina Jolie. Instead, all those transformations disfigured her face and made her look like a living corpse


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