10 Funny Expectation Vs Reality Pictures Of When Girls Buy Outfits Online

We girls really love buying clothes. When it comes to dresses, we actually tend to lose our minds. But one of the fastest and easiest methods of getting the dress we want is buying it online. It saves a hell lot of time, and you don’t even have to bargain. But sometimes, this turns out to be our biggest nightmare. In this article, I’ve enlisted some of the most disastrous yet hilarious expectation vs reality photos that will actually give you the creeps about shopping on the internet!

Here are 10 Hilarious Expectation Vs Reality photos of when girls buy dresses online!

They promise you this. And then they deliver THIS! Speak of shopping nightmares!

I actually had a thing for this particular “whatever this is” up until now!

So this is what you get at eBay’s $5 sale? O_o Nope I’ll pretty much stick to my offline shopping stores and survive the chaotic sale than buying a cheap ribbon dress

Seriously? My night dress looks better than that! And all that glitters isn’t a good dress.

Well, no doubt she’s having the worst day of all! Don’t worry you have our condolences. :’)

And that is the reason why I’ve trust issues. Major Expectation Vs Reality disaster!

Appearances can be deceiving. ( Note to self: check that off of your cart asap!)

And I’m sure like you many others have learnt theirs! *weeps in a corner*

Here we go, prom disaster again!

Wait, I’m confused. Isn’t that suppose to be a skirt? Or are you trying to tell me that the girl’s neck is the size of her waist?!

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