10 Hilariously Painful Pictures Showing Life Can Be Unfair Sometimes

Somewhere along the line, reality hits and we learn the cold hard truth – life is just the opposite and can be unfair.

There is a phase of transition where you’ll want things to be different or even try to make them different, but life is fast and will beat you down eventually.

It’s hilarious to watch life deal a sour hand to others, so let’s have a laugh together.
Freaked out

When you need to wipe, but the paper keeps doing this

Last moment situation
When you see traffic police standing straight in front of you and you are stuck with your seat belt…. get ready to pay a big fine

That’s what I call a bad day
Does it get any worse than this?

Take a break, they said
Have a Kit-Kat, they said

Really unfair
A visual representation of life being unjust

It happened to everyone
You’re not alone.

This is life
We all have to go through this

You pay a lot for these, but the rings keep cracking
And you keep buying them. Over and over again. That’s life.

When your sleeves get wet
It’s very annoying

I’m gonna lay of the ketchup

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