10 Humorous Comparisons of Family Life: Expectation vs. Reality

We all strive throughout our education and careers to achieve the perfect family life which you hope will remain with you till your last breath. Family means love, compassion, loyalty, and support but although these ideas which were the foundation for any family and which seems idyllic doesn’t quite hold true in these modern harsh times. When you come home from work hoping everything to be prim and proper, you may be greeted with scenes from a nightmare. Here are some instances where our expectations of a perfect family life are dashed or elevated by the reality of it

Home sweet home

When we dream of a sweet little nook of our own which we would call out home, we always picture it is as a quaint, cozy, neat little haven where we can chill and relax after a long day’s work, don’t we?


But in reality we find a war zone left by our kids after their reenactment of “justice league “action sequences or, ravaged cushions and carpets by our loved pets. This is what most people come home to in fact
A morning together

 All couples dream of having a sweet, private bedroom of their own where they can cuddle after a long days work and whisper sweet nothings when they wake up starting off the day with smiles and love


But in reality, this how you wake up.Most couples do have a bed of their own but that is cramped with kids in between because they just saw a scary movie and our spoilt pets too sleeping on our feet and at times with their backsides on our heads. This makes an amusing family portrait!
A romantic weekend

All couples dream of having an idealistic, Hollywood inspired romantic weekend, in which they will forget all their grinds of their week and melt into each other arms with a romantic music/movie playing in the background and glass of wine in their hands


Unfortunately, the grueling week usually leaves both of them drained by the time their movie reaches its interval and they doze off in each other arms forgetting about the rest of the plans….awww but this is so much more realistically romantic as well. 
A family walk

Couples dream of having a peaceful walk in sunny, serene grassy parks with their 2.5 kids (0.5 indicates the lovely pet). Frolicking in the knolls and grassy hills, this makes you content watching the kids run along while you sit with your partner hands in hands soaking the bliss of a family


But, in reality the family walk resembles more like an amusement park or theme park walk because when you enter your home with oversized glasses, clown costumes, 30 balloons, pasty tiaras on your wives’ and daughters head and your son dressed as a cowboy! Wow if that’s not a detour from your and dreams then nothing else but the fun and enjoyment remains.
 Breakfast with the family

Breakfast means the beginning of the day with love and support of your closest loved ones and what best way is to share with your family. Where you dream of a pristine kitchen with a wife and kid eating and feeding each other, but in reality having breakfast with a toddler is anything but pristine with food being flung high on the ceiling or being gurgled on your once pristine shirt and face painted with baby food like war paint

An evening without the kids

The thought itself creates images of all the romantic and naughty things you can do with each other which otherwise it is not possible with your drooling kids hovering around. You dream of a steamy night but in reality, most of the couple prefer taking a breather and rather relaxing watching a movie or reading a book or simply warming up their feet in front of the fire and just talking which in a way is more romantic and soul bonding than anything else

An ideal child

We all have a picture of our child being the most benevolent, kind, hardworking and a genius kid and no please do not try to deny it ,as every parent considers their kids the most talented on the planet! .they want their kids to be in the ivy league even before he is in 1st grade! And we seek pride when he immerses himself in school work and has straight “A”s but in reality most of our kids our devils in disguise, breaking the neighbor’s window while playing baseball or soccer or sneaking out all the cookies before the guests arrive and ignoring school work like the plague!

A pleasant shopping experience

This fantasy usually comes from all the commercials we see for the Wal-Mart or Macy’s grand sale where happy, well dressed, well-behaved children along with supermodel looking parents carouse around the aisles and do shopping without any arguments. Well, but in reality, when you are with your unruly kids shopping can be a trip to Vietnam, with constant screaming, whining about what is necessary for the house and the packets of Cheetos. Not to add the phenomenon of losing kids in the maze of aisles

A family celebration

We think we would have a nice cozy thanksgiving or a Christmas dinner with our wife and kids with scrumptious food on the table with all the holiday spirit running all over us. But most of the time we do not get his luxury as our extended family decides to join in (numbering no less than 100!) and decide to have a party according to their plans which ensues chaos, property damage and usually the dog on the dinner table munching on our baked potatoes. But no matter how chaotic it may be it’s still an experience of being all together once in a year with all the idiosyncrasies of our relatives which are after all family as well
Lovely gifts

It is your birthday or anniversary and no matter how much you deny you secretly wish some sweet gesture from your partner, it could be a dinner or a movie or a sentimental gift to be cherished forever like a ring or necklace, but it’s no hallmark movie my dear.


In reality, your husband (thoughtfully) gives you a dumpling steamer because you love to bake steam and cook for him. It would make your life easier in kitchen slaving over cooking for him. How memorable and thoughtful of him! Our advice is to keep a blunt object handy to swing at his head as his memorable gift for sure which he will not forget soon enough
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