10 People Ruined Photos Amusingly And Take the Show

According to the definition from the Oxford English Dictionary, a photobomb is an action taken to spoil a photograph by unexpectedly appearing in the camera’s field of view (typically as a prank or practical joke). The first photobomb is supposed to have been taken in 2009. And it seems that this practice has become very popular since then

Hello there!

And a wild whale appeared out of nowhere…

Don’t look over there. Let them have some privacy

How long did it take you to find him

OMG! Did you go blond again ?

I will not let them leave me out

Say ooo-oooh!

Hey, heeey! Turn the music off, I have something to say.

You want a nice pic? I’ll help you. For free.

When you’re at school, but still want to sunbathe

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