10 Photos Of Athletes With Funny Features

Athletes at the top of their game go through a whole range of emotions. Any particular episode may include equal parts of frustration and sadness along with laughter and euphoria. And quite often athletes get taken over by their ability to focus because they are so dedicated to winning and succeeding. However, because athletes get so consumed by their respective sports, they often fail to realize the funny faces they make. The following list comprises a handful of photos taken of athletes and their expressions, not only providing a source of laughter, but may also inspire a touch of sympathy in us.

Tennis Player

In any sport that involves a ball, you might often hear the cliché saying “Keep your eye on the ball“. This tennis player is certainly doing his best to do so.

Ping Pong

Ping-pong players have to be careful: sometimes the ball has a hypnotic effect. Also, some risk going permanently cross-eyed

Attack Face

Every athlete needs an aggressive expression to intimidate opponents


Unfortunately, sometimes you try your best – but sometimes your best still isn’t good enough. In this photo, the weightlifter attempted to lift a few too many pounds, and he realized it too late.


Sometimes parents get a little over-zealous during sporting events.

Finishing Pose

Athletes need cool-looking finishing poses once they win. After all, it’s not just about winning; it’s also about looking good.


And that frustration and anger eventually becomes a deep, profound sadness that draws tears from even the toughest men and women.

Mosh Pit

Be careful when you try to dance in mosh-pits; they’re known to get rowdy and dangerous.


Golfing occurs at a much slower pace; thus the golfers are able to pause and appreciate their sport rather than rush through it.

Dang Refs!

Unfortunately not everything goes according to plan in sports, which often leads to a little bit of frustration
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