12 Couples lost their weight by following these health tips

That old adage, ‘double the trouble or twice the determination’ is especially true for couples and their health.

If you are packing some extra padding from an unhealthy lifestyle, science suggests your partner probably is too. One study showed that if your partner is overweight you are 37 per cent more likely to be as well.

Being overweight can not only affect your overall lifestyle, but your chances of heart attack, stroke, some cancers and other health risks are increased with every extra kilo you carry.

So what happens when you and your spouse share a struggle with weight? Well you could follow the lead of these once unhealthy pairs who chose to tackle weight loss together

Lauren and Justin Shelton lost 244 kilos in 19-months

Engaged UK couple Hannah and Matt Bradley lost 60 kilos before they got married

Bryce Mulvey and Amber Brown loses 84 kilos so they could feel their best at their dream wedding

Lauren and Justin Shelton lost 244 kilos in 19-months

Jo Hughes and Dave Swingewood sold their car so they could walk toward better health

Claire and Stephen Crowther refused to get married until they got fit and five years later they did it. Now they are both fitness models

Kim James and Lee Coggins kicked their junk food diet and lost 88 kilos between them

Danny and Kalean Duffy underwent an inspirational weight loss together and dropped a combined 147 kilos between them

[Angela and Willie Gillis lost a combined 227 kilos in two years.]

This man posted on Reddit that he and his wife re-did their wedding photos on their 4th anniversary after losing weight

Mark and Louise Hannigan lost a combined weight of 95 kilos after Mark lost his driver’s licence for being too overweight
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