12 Tremendous Movies From 2018 That Do Deserve an Oscar

The time has come to sum up the great things from the previous year — and that includes choosing movies worthy of an Oscar nomination. A lot of great movies were released during 2018, but only a few were well received by viewers and critics. Let’s recall together which movies stand the best chance of winning the coveted golden statue.

Vox Lux

© Vox Lux/Andrew Lauren Productions
The main heroine of this movie is a world-famous singer suffering from multiple psychological traumas. When Celeste was a schoolgirl, she barely survived a school shooting. This is a time-sensitive movie about pop-culture and violence which go hand in hand in the 21st century. Natalie Portman is the lead and her acting definitely deserves an Oscar. The supporting actor is the great Jude Law

Eighth Grade

© Eighth Grade/A24
This honest and modern movie tells the coming-of-age story of Kayla, an 8th-grade schoolgirl. This introverted teenage girl starts a video blog about self-esteem and self-love to confront her fears and insecurities. Of course, she has to endure a lot to overcome this difficult stage of her life. This movie has a very good chance of being nominated for an Oscar as the “Best Orginal Screenplay”.


© Destroyer/30West
Erin used to be an undercover cop. While on a difficult mission, she falls in love with her colleague, but soon the mission fails and ends in real tragedy. Erin finds the strength to take revenge, and it’s hardly possible for anything to stop her. For this part, Nicole Kidman changed her appearance beyond recognition. So there’s no doubt that she’ll be nominated for “Best Actress” this year

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

© The Miseducation of Cameron Post/Beachside Films
Cameron, a teenage girl, is forced into a gay conversion therapy center by her conservative aunt and uncle when they find out that she’s been in relationships with her female classmates. This is an unusual, gentle, and deep movie showing the process of self-acceptance. It deserves to be nominated in the “Best Adapted Screenplay” category

Ben Is Back

© Ben Is Back/30West
Ben is a real troublemaker. On Christmas Eve, he escapes a rehabilitation center and returns to his loving mother who is quite tired of his tricks. She meets her son with her arms open wide, but soon she understands that Ben hasn’t changed, and there’s nothing to be expected from him except trouble. How far should this strong woman go to save her son? Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges make a great spectator dama together


© Widows/Film4
4 happily married women become widows overnight: their husbands die during an attempted robbery. Now, the women have to carry responsibility for their husbands’ actions. They need to figure out who set their husbands up and finish the job themselves. This crime drama created in accordance with feminism principles stars Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, and Elizabeth Debicki. It may be nominated for “Best Director” and “Best Actress”.

If Beale Street Could Talk

© If Beale Street Could Talk/Annapurna Pictures
This movie tells the story of a young woman who’s expecting a child with her fiancé. But their happiness is threatened because the young man is accused of rape. Tish, the main heroine, doesn’t believe that her lover is guilty and tries to prove his innocence. This is a piercing drama about racism created by the former director of the film, Moonlight

Can You Ever Forgive Me ?

© Can You Ever Forgive Me?/Archer Gray Productions
This comedy-drama starring Melissa McCarthy is based on true events and tells the story of a writer who has to forge letters from celebrities to fix her financial problems. This movie is good thanks to its lively dialogue, interesting storyline, and bright characters — especially the main character played by McCarthy who we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in comedies. Many critics claim that the actress will win an Oscar for this part, and we think that it’ll be well-deserved

First Reformed

© First Reformed/Arclight Films
Reverend Ernst Toller is going through a dark period in his life: he divorced his wife and his son died in Iraq. Toller receives even more trials when his parishioner asks him to talk to her husband. After their conversation, the man commits suicide leaving Toller with a sense of guilt. This is a strong drama starring Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried.

Beautiful Boy

© Beautiful Boy/Amazon Studios
David (played by Steve Carell) can’t understand why his beloved son (Timothée Chalamet) has changed from a nice, smart boy to a desperate drug addict. The boy grew up in a loving family which never had money problems and he always performed well in school. What did the parents miss causing their son to take the wrong path? There’s a good chance that both Carell and Chalamet will be nominated for an Oscar for their excellent acting

The Mule

© The Mule/Bron Creative
Earl is 88 years old, he doesn’t get on with his wife and children, and his small business in on the verge of bankruptcy. He’s offered a job as “a mule” to transport cargo from one place to another. Soon, Earl realizes that he transports drugs. Police suspect that there’s something wrong behind this lonely old man’s behavior. This is wonderful work by Clint Eastwood who stars as the leading actor and director of this movie. We can expect a few Oscar nominations for this film


© Roma/Esperanto Filmoj
This is a delightful black-and-white movie about the life of a big Mexican family. The story is narrated by the family’s maid whose life is shown against the backdrop of important historical events. The film is expected to be nominated for “Best Director”
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