14 Hilarious Pics Of People Posing With Statues

Artists put their blood, sweat and tears into their work. So to have internet folkies going around using priceless works of art as stage props for their social media uploads might not sit too well with the art community, but us ignoramus scoundrels think it’s hilarious. Classic bear holding a dead woman shot, just classic.

If you guys have any hilarious photos of yourselves showing your “appreciation” for art – send them in to us!

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Taking A Bat To The Face

A marble bat to the face? That’s enough to ruin your whole day

Beating Up Spiderman

If his Spidey Sense wasn’t tingling before, it is now

Let’s dance . . . This has to be the most innocent thing I have ever seen….tears…

Getting Fresh

That sort of thing will get your face slapped, my good man

Bear Bait

Experts say that you should just go limp and play dead during a bear attack. Nice work

 Roughing Up The Tourists

The dangling feet are a nice touch. This man is dedicated (and strong!)

She has been very naughty… on purpose

Head Up His… Moose

Does anyone have a flashlight he can borrow?

High Five

Playing With The Kids

Double the Buddha Bellies

Also, is that John Belushi? (I kid, I kid.)

 That’s One Tough Cupid

Love hurts, and here is the proof

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