15 Amazing Movie Facts That Will Definitely Make You Watch Your Favorite Movies Again

Watching movies is really refreshing as they take us to different worlds, far from our real world where we have so many problems and tensions to deal with. However, have you ever thought how much hard work and precision goes into making movies and the makers have to focus on each aspect of the movie in a critical manner?

Movie making is definitely a tough job and sometimes the makers face a lot of difficulties while making the movie while sometimes the things go so smoothly that movie finishes without any problem. There are some facts about every movie which are exciting and interesting and here we are sharing amazing facts about some movies which every Hollywood fan should know:

Tom Hardy, the actor who can act with his eyes

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Christopher Nolan directed Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises for the first time. In the movie, Tom’s face is covered with a mask while only his eyes are seen and Nolan was so impressed with his acting that in the movie, Dunkirk, he showed Tom’s eyes most of the time. Christopher feels that Tom’s single eye acting can deliver an effect that can’t be made by anyone else with his whole body

Something about E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

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Steven Speilberg once said that ET was neither a male nor female, it is a plant like creature and it is also being said that its face is designed after known physicist, Albert Einstein, poet Carl Sanburg and a pug. “A Boy’s Life” was the working title of the movie which was changed during the production
The real character passes the reel character in The Pursuit of Happyness

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Will Smith starrer “The Pursuit of Happyness” which released in 2006, was based on the story of entrepreneur Chris Gardner. In the last scene of the movie, when Chris was walking down the street with his son, Christopher, they both were passed by the real Chris Gardner, dressed in a business suit.
Remember movie, “Slumdog Millionaire”, the movie that brought Oscars to India 

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In the Slumdog Millionaire which got released in 2008, a kid named Jamal jumps into a pile of dump or excreta which is in actual a mixture of peanut butter and chololate. The movie won the Best Picture award in Oscars 2009 and many other awards including the Best Original Music Score which went to Indian musician and composer, A R Rahman.

Disney rejected the script of “Back to the future”

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The script of “Back to the future” was rejected by Disney on the basis that mother-son relationship may annoy the public as in one of the scenes Marty kissed his mother who was shown 18-yrs of age at that time. The script of this movie was rejected for more than 40 times before Universal decided to make a movie on it
The poster of American Beauty

American Beauty was released in 1999 and not just the movie but its posters also attracted the audiences to a great extent. There was one poster in which a stomach and hand of a female was visible with a rose on the stomach. Do you know that it was not the actress Mena Suvari who was featured in it, it was model Chloe Hunter to whom this beautiful poster belongs
Aladdin was designed keeping this Hollywood actor in mind

Disney’s movie “Aladdin” was a blockbuster as it was loved by the audiences but do you know that the design of character Aladdin was loosely based on actor Michael J. Fox. However, in a bid to show Aladdin suitable enough for beautiful princess Jasmine, the design was reworked and Aladdin was designed more like actor Tom Cruise and less like Fox

Noah from “The Notebook” not a handsome man

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The Notebook got released in the year 2004, the lead characters were played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams and the movie was directed by Nick Cassavetes. You may be surprised to know that Nick selected Ryan for the role of Noah because he wanted someone “not handsome” to play the character
X-Men actors played chess first time

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Chess is a pretty commonly played game and many of us must have played it, at least during our childhood days. However actors Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan had never played chess in their lives but they played it for the first time in their movie, X-Men

Two Sarah Connor - Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke

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Lena headey and Emilia Clarke are two English actresses who have played the same character in different versions. Lena played Sarah Connor in the television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in 2008–09 while Emilia played the same character in 2015 in the sci-fi movie Terminator Genisys
Now that is a disgusting way to protest

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The actor Robert Downey Jr. was annoyed with the working style of the director David Fincher while shooting for Zodiac because Fincher used to make him work overtime and give less breaks. To protest against Fincher, Robert used to urinate in jars and leave them on the sets of the movie

No Batman in the name

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The first superhero Batman movie was released in July 1943 and including this movie till 2005, eight Batman movies were released and all of them had Batman in the title. The Dark Knight, a Batman movie which got released in 2008 was the first movie which didn’t had Batman in its name.
A Different warning for “Fight Club”

A traditional copyright warning is flashed before the start of every movie but before the start of Fight Club, one more warning was issued which was addressed to those who were reading it. The movie was directed by David Fincher and starred Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter
Age difference between father and son in Indian Jones movies

Sean Connery and Harrison Ford are two of the most talented and accomplished actors that we have seen, and they have worked together in Indiana Jones movies as father and son. Sean Connery played the character of Harrison Ford’s father but in reality, the former is just 12 yrs older to the latter.
Some facts about Mad Max

The movie was directed by George Miller and he worked as emergency room director to collect funds for the movie. The budget of the movie was just three hundred fifty thousand dollars and it was shot in and around Melbourne in just 12 weeks

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