15 Extremely Helpful Airport Tips for Travelers

Traveling is fun, but getting through the airport can be exhausting and hectic. Here are 15 airport tips to help make your travel experience seamless!

1. Bring your own snacks

Avoid paying high airport prices for snacks by bringing your own with you. Some good snacks to bring with you to the airport are chips, energy bars, candy, or fruit.

2. Pack an empty water bottle

I always bring an empty water bottle with me in my carry-on luggage so I can fill it up once I get through security. This is another great way to help you save some money by avoiding buying an overpriced water bottle at the airport.

3. Check in for your flight in advance

Check in for your flight 24 hours in advance so you don’t have to wait in line once you get to the airport. This can also be a great way to select a good seat assignment if you weren’t able to select your seat in advance at the time of booking.

4. Wear socks

Some airports make you take your shoes off when going through security, especially in the US. To avoid standing barefoot on the dirty airport floor, make sure you’re wearing socks! These will also come in handy for keeping your feet warm on your flight. (Compression socks like these are super comfortable and safe to wear for air travel.)

5. Dress in layers for your flight

On a similar note to above, dress in layers to stay comfortable while at the airport and on your flight. Airports and airplanes can either be extremely cold or extremely hot and usually there’s no happy in-between, so layers will keep you comfortable.

6. Bring a portable charger

Not all airports have convenient outlets or charging stations, so be sure to bring a portable charger with you! I take this portable phone charger everywhere I go.

7. Pack your laptop in an easy to reach place

You will have to take your laptop and any other large electronics out of your bag when going through security. To avoid having to dig through your bag while waiting in line, make sure to pack your laptop or any other electronics somewhere easily accessible.
Here are some of the best carry-on bags with easy-access side pockets under $100.

8. Take a photo of your parking space

If you’ll be parking at the airport, make sure to take a picture of your parking space and any helpful signage or numbering that will help you find it again when you return.

9. Take a photo of your checked luggage

On the off chance that your checked luggage gets lost, having a photo of it in addition to your luggage receipt can make it much easier to locate.

10. Pack hand sanitizer

Airports and airplanes are a mecca for germs, so pack a travel-sized hand sanitizer wherever you go. I like these mini hand sanitizers because you can easily clip them to your backpack or purse.

11. Research sleep spots

If you’ll need to spend the night in an airport because your flight was delayed or you have a long layover, check out this website for the best and worst sleeping spots in airports around the world. Sleeping in the airport is never fun, but you can make it a little more comfortable if you plan ahead.

12. Keep and pack hotel toiletries in carry-on

Every time you stay at a hotel, bring extra travel-sized toiletries home with you. Then, any time you travel with only carry-on luggage, you’ll have a collection of TSA-approved toiletries to pack.

13. Put a colorful ribbon on your luggage

If you are checking your luggage, tie a colorful ribbon on the handle of your suitcase so you can find it in the sea of similar luggage on the conveyor belt.

14. Go left at security

Studies have shown that people naturally veer right, so when you reach a security checkpoint, head to the line furthest to the left and you just might save a few minutes waiting in line.

15. Have a designated airplane outfit

Choose a comfortable outfit and make it your designated outfit for air travel. (I always wear leggings, a loose, lightweight hooded sweatshirt, and a coat if I’m going somewhere cold.) If you have a designated outfit, you won’t be scrambling for something to wear on the day of your flight!

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