16 Celebrity Couples You Never Knew Dated

Do you remember these couples?! Can you believe Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin dated for nearly a decade?

Celebrity relationships tend to come and go pretty quickly, so unless you’re keeping up with your favorite idol, you’ve likely forgotten about most stars’ romantic pasts. But it’s fun to reminiscence about former duos, especially when they’ve completely escaped your memory and feel pretty surprising now.

Here are some of our favorite celebrity couples you probably forgot about.
In 2015, Madonna admitted that she had dated Tupac in the early ’90s. The revelation made headlines. She even revealed that he had inspired her infamous, profanity-filled 1994 appearance on David Letterman.

Earlier this year, TMZ released a letter Tupac had written from jail to the famous songstress, expressing his sorrow about their breakup.

Although Sandra Bullock may have been 16 years older than Ryan Gosling, that didn’t stop the two from dating in 2002.

The two famous actors met after working together on the set of Murder By Numbers. However, their romance didn’t last long, after which he went on to date Rachel McAdams

It seems that the age gap doesn’t mean much in Hollywood. Although she was 39 at the time, Cher was completely smitten for 23-year-old Tom Cruise back in the ’80s.

It seems wild to picture now, but they were once a happy couple. Cher has even called Tom Cruise one of her top five favorite former lovers

This handsome couple dated for three years back in the late 2000s.

Although they may look picture perfect, it doesn’t look like things ended well between the two. There are rumors that Bublé cheated on the actress, although Blunt has chosen not to speak about the topic.

Although no one has ever forgotten Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, most people don’t seem to remember that the pop star dated Colin Farrell back in 2003

The pair was surprising given Spears’ wholesome image and Farrell’s bad boy reputation. Although their romance was short, sources close to the pop star speculate that Britney saw Colin as the one who got away.

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