30 Of The Most Unexpected Makeup Malfunction That Celebrities Ever Caught

The beauty fails of celebrities in the list we created at swishtoday had no idea the makeup they are wearing got flaws to be fixed before they could turn up to media and public. Quite many famous faces you’ll see and get shocked by just taking a look on the makeup that has been done either by their makeup artists or by themselves. A few might have fired their makeup artists already due to media’s uplift to the subject. Check out extremely funny blunders that were totally unexpected especially from the following celebrities…

Kylie Jenner – Unfinished Body Contouring For Illusion Of Bigger Breasts

Emma Stone -Visibly Super Light HD Makeup On Her Nose And Forehead!

Jennifer Aniston – Tried To Cover Up The Marks On Her Back With Foundation

Christina Aguilera – Forehead Completely Different Shade Than Rest Of Her Tanned Face

Angelina Jolie – White Splotches On Her Face, Like She’s Been Slapped With A Bag Of Flour

Kelly Osbourne – Wrong Tone For Skin Made Her Look Like Patient Of Jaundice

Taylor Swift – Too Much White Makeup Underneath Her Eyes

Taylor Momsen – Mind-boggling Black Eyes Make Her Look Like A Raccoon

Lindsay Lohan – Dark Foundation, Odd Bronzer Made Her Look Like Walking Dead

Nicki Minaj – Contouring Requires A Bit More Blending

Lark Voorhies – Spotted With Worst Makeup Having Too Much Unblended Bronzer

Rose Byrne – White Eye Powder Killed The Look

Nicole Kidman – A Little Too Much Unblended HD Makeup On The Face

Nicole Kidman – The Australian Actress Suffered Over-powdering At The Red Carpet

Teresa Palmer- Again White Powder Makeup Mishap

Demi Lovato – Spider Eyelashes, Bright Red Lipstick With Light Foundation An off-putting Look

Selena Gomez – A Little Bit Too Much White Powder On Her Face Needs A Shine Control!

Eva Longoria – Spotted Leaving Restaurant With Too Much Powder Below Her Eyes

Zachary Quinto – Dark circles Got Hd Makeup Blunder!

Miley Cyrus – Layer Of Powder Around Her Chin A Big Makeup Fail In The Event

Melissa Joan Hart – Patches Of White Powder Not-so-cool Beauty Blunder

Leighton Meester – Unflattering Too Much Of The Blue Eye-shadow

Ashley Judd – Oops!

Jennifer Lopez – Worst Makeup Blunder Combination Of Bad Spider Eyelashes With Poorly Blended Eyeshadow

Arianna Huffington – A Lot Of White Powder Under Eyes Made Her Look Like A Clown

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Suffered A Beauty Mishap Too Much White Powder On Her Face

Drew Barrymore – Yellow Eyeshadow And A Dark Lipstick Shade Odd Combination Indeed!

Tyra Banks – Looks Like A Barbie Doll Gone Wrong

Ellie Kemper – White Powder On Her Nose Taking Much Of An Attention

Mischa Barton -Heavy Eyeliner Paired With White Eyeshadow, Poor Deer Got Caught In Head Lights!

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