We tend to think that if a couple is not getting pregnant there must be a problem with the female partner. In reality, there is just as much of a chance that the problem is with the male partner or even both partners.

This is why it is always a good idea to have both partners get infertility testing done. Infertility can be treated provided you notice the symptoms earlier on and raise it with your doctor.

A few alarming signs of infertility in men you should be aware of:


Gynecomastia results in a swelling in the breast tissues in men due to an imbalance in the sex hormones, androgen and testosterone. This leads to an enlargement in the breasts. If you have noticed your breasts growing, and that too disproportionately, you could be suffering from this condition. This can prevent you from having a baby. It is a major cause of male infertility, but it can be corrected provided you seek help at the right time.


This is a rather common sign of infertility in men, and it is referred to as ejaculation disorder. In this condition, either you ejaculate in fits and starts, or very low amount of sperms come out when you do, and is a grave cause of concern if being a parent is your priority. Sometimes retrograde ejaculation could be a cause for this great difficulty in ejaculation because this condition draws the semen backwards to the bladder rather than out of it. Some medicines are responsible for giving you this condition, while it can also be a neural problem. Either way, you shouldn’t at have difficulty ejaculating.

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