9 Celebrities Who Changed After Pregnancy, Cool About Their Looks

An ideal Hollywood big name gaze is made upward of a completely thoroughly considered closet, astounding cosmetics and hairdo, and a perfect body.

It appears as though directly subsequent to conceiving an offspring these wonderful ladies are prepared to overcome a runway or a celebrity main street and hotshot their ideal bodies

Liv Tyler

Beautiful LIV TYLER is on of theose woùen who find it hard to follow the standards of a perfect body , after each pregnancy , she takes a lot of time to return to fit body shape . but we love her even more because she never hides her challenges with losing weight and always remains and smilig

Kim Kardashian

it looks KIM KARDASHINA has always been a women with curves but in fact , her body is the result of the changes that followed her pregnancy and childbirth the wife of the famous rapper kanye west works really hard to lose extra weight . however , she"s really proud of the parts of her body that she's

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Kate Middleton

the duchess of cambridge has always had a fit  body , but after giving birth to her first child , she had to deal with the natural body changes . However , it was the Duchess who showed the whole world what every mother look like after her child is born : with a bit of a tummy and a bit tired , but very happy

Emily Deschanel

Kelly Clarkson

this american singer rose to fame after the TV show American idol and staying in shape was hard for her , in her interview with attitude magazine , she said , " when i was really skinny , i was miserable inside and out for 4 years of my life , but no one cared because aesthetically i made sense . it was a very dark time for me . i was at the gym all the time "

Tody , after giving birth to children , kelly decided that she"s going to love herself regardless of what she looks like , and we totally agrre with her


Jessica Simpson

Jessica's body has a natural tendency toward being on the heavier side and her pregnancy and childbirth caused her to gain even more weght , she gained almost 50 lb . However , several monts after giving birth , instead of losing weight , she got pregnant again

Christina Aguilera

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