Artist Creates Comical but Heartwarming Illustrations That Depict Life with His Dog

Every dog lover will know exactly what the experience is living with one. A dog can take away the loneliness of living alone like no other animal. As a family pet, they provide humans with memories that can never be recalled without being teary-eyed. Life with a dog may sometimes be chaotic, but it is never a dull moment. Illustrator Erez Zadok is one such dog lover who loves his pet Joya and his illustrations of everyday life with her accurately conjure up what every dog lover goes through daily. His images of their exciting life together are humorous and heartwarming to the core

You just never get used to it

No, you don’t! Regardless of how many times you may have to pick up potty both indoors and outdoors, this is one aspect of living with a dog you just can’t get used to. The dog, on the other hand, is always mighty proud of itself after finishing a successful potty session. But, that’s what keeps them healthy

A typical morning routine

How very appropriate. This is exactly what many dog lovers go through, especially men. Invariably, your dog will choose to wake you in the morning or cuddle up to you with their bum on your face and Joya is no exception

Joya pays the price for being too cute

This is what happens when a cute dog like Joya is taken out for a walk.  Such type of dogs usually attract a lot of attention from youngsters and dog lovers who can’t resist squeezing them, holding them or playing with them.

That moment after a bath

This is one dreaded moment that all of us prepares for but yet gets doused after a dog has just finished their bath.  They just have to shake and then it’s like you have just had a shower too along with them. This is why you should always dress down to your shorts

Home sweet home

Now, this is one aspect of dog behavior you just have to put up with. It’s a real catch 22 situation. If you want your dog to be perfectly behaved and boring, then treat them like dogs and train them but if you want that furball to have their own personality which develops because of the love they receive from you, then be prepared for spoiled moments like this

That awkward moment when it’s potty time the wrong time

Here is another funny but awkward situation faced by several dog owners. Although a dog usually does their business at a preferred spot and at a certain time which is why they should be walked every day, sometimes, they too like us get hard up and can’t keep up any longer and out it comes at the most awkward moment on the street.

Joya doesn’t like winter

Not all dogs like winter including Joya and you can see why. All dog owners’ love dressing their dogs in woolies and taking their photographs Erez included. It can be really cute but as you can see the expression on Joya’s face, that’s why they don’t like winter.

The radiator is always near you

This is the best part of having a dog especially in winter. Invariably they will choose to cuddle with you on your bed and the heat radiated out of their bodies makes it really comfy and warm inside the blanket. This is perfect cuddle time

Men can do multitask

This is a real cute moment. Joya like all loving dogs will never let their owner be alone for a single moment.  Even while you are busy with your work, you just have to find a hand free for patting them or tickling their stomach which they love

That secret ingredient

Yes, the hair again. When dogs shed their hair, it can become one of the most annoying things that you ultimately will put up with and get used to. You will most probably even find hair flavoring on your pizza and burgers too.

She’s unstoppable

From the looks of these illustrations, Joya is really cute. Who hasn’t been through this scene when your dog will try their best to get a bite of that subway you are trying to dig into. After all, for them, it’s always a case of what’s yours is mine too

Home is always where your dog’s fur is

As a dog lover, don’t you just dread the seasonal changes when your dog’s coat starts to shed? This is the tome there is hair everywhere, on your clothes, your blankets, your sofa, your coffee, your crockery and sometimes even in your mouth

Joya always makes a scene after I play with other dogs

Dogs when they get really close to their human moms and dads can get pretty jealous. They don’t really need to see you playing with another dog to feel jealous, the scent on you will give you away. Just like Joya here annoyed at Erez infidelity

Don’t try this at home

Now, this can really hurt. As a dog owner and lover, haven’t you experienced moments when suddenly your dog gets supercharged and needs to run like some wild animal helter-skelter throughout the house. Even if you are in the way, they won’t hesitate to step on any part of your body too

Ordinary washing routine with Joya

There are many dogs who just love sitting in the bath tub for hours or when they are given a bath. But, there are also dogs like Joya who hate a bath so much that they also learn to recognize the word and will hide when it is uttered out loud

There are many dogs who love the breeze and then there is Joya

Dogs love a good drive and their classic stance is poking their head out the window with their tongues hanging out. But not Joya. It seems she just hates the breeze r perhaps she just doesn’t trust this contraption with a steering wheel in front

 That Midnight kiss

This is the ultimate wow moment that makes it worth being a dog owner. Every dog like Joya is ultimately thankful and grateful for their human parents who they will always love unconditionally and the biggest sign of doggy love is a lick which for them is a kiss for you every night

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