Cops Reveal The Strangest Things People Have Done To Get Out Of Ticket

We may often get tickets for traffic violations. Most people admit the violation and will try to handle the issue legally. But then some others try to fool the officer and will come with many excuses to get out of traffic ticket. But that will not be a good idea always since the officers will face same reasons many times in their work. They can easily find out if someone is trying to fool them.

Here are some cops revealing strangest things people did to get out of a ticket

Never flirt or bribe

I feel when women show some skin or someone tries to bribe me with money it insults my integrity, and that is a guaranteed ticket as well
Dont give them crazy excuses

Something like, yeah, it's possible I was going a little over the limit, I thought I was keeping with the flow of traffic will suffice

Wave when you see a cop

He will either think that you know each other and wave back or will think that you're acknowledging that you were driving too fast, and are letting him know that you're slowing down
Dont be a diva

Saying these things will never get you out of a ticket: Do you know who I am? My tax dollars pay your salary! I know the chief/the county executive/a judge. Don't you have anything better to do? Shouldn't you be out catching real criminals?

Dont be an a$$hole

You can tell someone is having a shitty day and maybe decide not to give the ticket. Just don't be an a$shole. You have no idea how often someone who wasn't going to get a ticket ends up getting one based on their attitude or arguing with me
Know that your car says a lot about you

You want to say I'm a reasonable and law-abiding, not I hate the police, speed, and I'm trying to hide something from you

Dont do anything to make them feel threatened.

Traffic stops have high potential to be dangerous. As a county police officer, a majority of my traffic stops are just to try and find someone with warrants for their arrest, narcotics or something else. If they are in the clear, I let the person go without issuing a ticket
Politely suggest just getting a warning

A simple, Would you consider giving me a warning? Worked many times. Signs count toward my monthly quota. If you admit to being guilty by saying, I wasn't paying attention; the speed got away from me, I'm going to write that in the notes section of the ticket for when I testify. That's my job

 ever admit to your violation

Never admit to speeding because then they have to give you a ticket because you admitted guilt
Keep your eyes to yourself

Dont stare at the officer in your side view or rear view. We notice this every time, it looks suspicious, and some officers will be more on the defensive
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