Hilarious Inappropriate Christmas Design Fails (New Pics)

This time last year we brought you our favorite Christmas design fails, to help get you in the festive mood. You guys loved it so much, we thought we’d bring you a whole new sack of this year’s goodies!

Because many companies see Christmas as a golden opportunity to push out a bit of extra crap that we might be tempted into buying, seasonal cheer and social pressure certainly help to loosen the purse strings, the rush to get them into the shops before December means that corners are sometimes cut. From inappropriate ornament placement to questionable uses of the word ‘ho,’ this list compiled by us is truly a comedy of errors! Scroll down below to check it out for yourself, and don’t forget to vote for your faves!

Merry Christmas

I Used Chocolate Bells Instead Of Kisses. Is It Me Or Did I Just Make Christmas Boobs

Please Stop, Santa

Christmas Polar Bears

This Statue In Rotterdam Of Santa Claus. Mrs Claus Is In For A Surprise Tonight

Be Honest, Is It Just Me

Santa’s Favorite Ho? Uhhh…

Someone Decided These Reindeer Didn’t Need Their Eyes

Oh Fox, You Make Treason Sound So Festive

h Oh Oh

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