Hollywood Celebrities Weight Transformations to Give You Some Serious Weight Loss Goals!

Weightless is a constant challenge for us. Don’t think that Hollywood celebrities are spared from this very threat. In fact, they need to stay way fitter and slimmer. Why? Thanks to social media body shamers and paparazzi. A lot of Hollywood celebrities have gone through hard work to shed those extra pounds. Khloe Kardashian, Chris Pratt, and Jonah Hill are to name a few. While the world has seen all these personas in their healthier sides, they received world full of praises after their weight loss transformations. Here are the celebrities who have transformed beyond recognition due to weight loss

Jonah Hill

The Superbad actor has turned superslim. Hill has lost 30 pounds before he started working on 21 Jump Street, in 2011. He has lost a significant amount of pounds to get better roles. The slimmer self of Hill has received much praises. It was all over the media that Hill adhered to only Sushi diet to lose weight. Since then, he has continued with that and appeared in different platforms with a trimmer physique. In fact in 2018 Met Gala in May, Hill was seen donning a slick suit flaunting his slimmer self

Jennifer Hudson

The Dreamgirls and Sex in the City girl could give you some serious weight loss goals if you are procrastinating it for years. In fact, this US-born music star has maintained her current weight for the last seven years. According to Hudson, she doesn’t get much time to exercise or physical activities. So she has checked on her food habit. She stated that it’s the healthy eating habit has made all the differences in her appearances. Hudson has joined the Weight Watchers after she has delivered her son seven years ago.
Turns out that the suggestions of fruit and yoghurt, turkey sandwich and grilled chicken, low-fat tortilla chips and green tea has been her best friend for years. Although she never forgets to take a bite of her favourite chocolate at the end of the day


The famous music star, Adele says that after weight loss she feels more comfortable with her body. Although Adele has never spoke on the exact amount of pounds she has shed, but rumours are that it’s a whopping 22 lb. however, she never hesitated to share details about her weight loss plans. The "Someone Like You" singer said that she never paid heed on losing weight or checking on the diets because she just concentrated on being the best singer in the industry and not a model in the Playboy magazine. However, with physical complications taking its toll, she decided to deprive the body from sugar and carbs. She readily shifted to plant-based foods and vegetables.

Loading up on dark leafy vegetables, fruits and seafood along with rigorous physical training to keep the weight in check has pumped up the glam up her physique

 Khloe Kardashian

From fat to fit can be aptly said for Khloe Kardashian. The famous 32-year-old Kardashian lady has lost a whopping 40 pounds in just a year. In fact, we all should take a lesson or two from Khole Kardashian that how this beautiful soul has shifter the sadness and grief of her broken marriage into working on for a beautiful body.

The once ‘Chubby gal’, Khloe Kardashian adhered to slow weight loss process. Because all she wanted is to be strong, inside out. According to the ‘fat’ Kardashian sister, she is a foodie. She once said that, “If I was more careful with food, the journey would have been smarter.” Khloe maintained balanced diet and rigorous physical exercise throughout her weight loss journey

Drew Barrymore

All through her life, Drew Barrymore has been under the limelight. And she is the perfect example to stay fit, healthy and slim despite super- busy schedule. Just like Khole Kardashian, Drew also went through a divorce and separation for her husband that lead her to put on pounds. depression caused emotional eating in her case.

Well after this stage of her life, Drew was offered with the Netflix series of ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ that triggered her to lose weight.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson has been plagued with bodily issues from a very young age. She was fat and was attacked by body shamers since her teenage. However, as soon as she has given birth to her first child a year ago, she became very cautious about her body and weight issues. The results are now out. We all can see the transformed Janet Jackson who has lost more than 70 pounds.

The conventional cardio workout on a treadmill or cross trainer did not adhered by Jackson. Instead, she opted for working on weights to make sure her vocal muscles are not hampered. eating smart with higher nutritional value is her key to successful journey of being fat to fit

Jennifer Aniston

Another famous Hollywood star who went through much turbulence that caused weight gain is Jennifer Aniston. However, her rules of healthy food habit, consumption of organic fruits and vegetables, and a balanced lifestyle are what pay her off in the long run. Her six-day gluten-free diet is a winner to be thinner, slimmer and leaner

Queen Latifah

Known as the heaviest hip-hop star of the Hollywood, Queen Latifah also did lost her extra pounds. Like always, her trainer suggested her to befriend with healthier diets and exercising, and Latifah is now 30 pounds less

Natalie Portman

Actress Natalie Portman has shed 20lbs for starring in a movie that later went for Oscar nomination. Her diet was regarding consumption of only proper and organic food, with zero intakes of caffeine and gluten. She never starved herself, instead, she went on for taking smaller portions throughout the day. her busy schedule helped her digest the smaller portions faster. Natalie once said that it’s her day long, munching habit that keeps her running, otherwise she would have wrecked on the shooting floor

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey owns a beautiful body but this was not a constant for her. She worked really hard and checked her diet to put herself into the weight she is now

Sarah Rue

While we are talking about celebrity body transformations and weight loss, Sarah Rue cannot be left without mentioning. The actor has lost 50 pound in the last one year. According to Rue’s spokesperson, she is enjoying exercise for the first time in life and has learned how to ‘eat healthfully, and manage portions.’

Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold has lost as many as 100-pound weight in the last one decade. While his busy schedule always prevented him from adopting traditional and continuous weight loss program, but he ensured regular exercising to keep a check on his weight.

So these are the famous Hollywood celebrities who cut down their weight and transformed from fat to fit

Kelly Osborne

From a drug addict for being overweight to dropping 70 pounds alo0ng with 30 minutes of cardio exercise- this is the journey of Kelly Osborne

Jimmy Kimmel

Hollywood is drooling over the 5:2 method of diet since it has seen celebrity talk show host Jimmy Kimmel become around 180 pounds from 208 pounds. His secret to weight loss was intermittent fasting. He consumes less than 500 calories in a week to maintain the good looks!

 Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams knew that she is overweight but simply could not start eating healthy. It was back in 2015- 16 when she took the vow to cut down weight. And since then she has dropped 50 pounds, adhering to simply eating less. She has stopped taking red meat, refined sugar, restricted dairy consumption and added cardio exercise in her routine.

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