Photos That Clearly Demonstrate What True Jealousy Looks Like

Jealousy is usually judged. But what if this seemingly negative feeling is somehow useful? For example, our smiles when we see a grimace of a guy who secretly wishes his neighbor’s ice cream would fall on the ground. Or an amazed face of a dog that sees its owner hug another dog! Just scroll down the page and look at these photos.

Bright Side had to go very deep on the internet to make this compilation of 24 photos where people couldn’t hide their true feelings from the camera

My husband had a ‘date night’ with our daughter to play Zelda since she doesn’t get to play much. Our sons look on enviously

Summer is the time of jealous looks

There are moments when you just want the winter to come right now

When you just can’t hide your envy

Asuka is jealous of Posh’s ’tucked in’ status

Cat might be jealous

Went to take a picture of my puppy and captured my jealous cat in the background

The dog was jealous of the baby, so...

It looks like he wants something tasty from the kitchen

This hose has never been so appealing

My uncle found a bird. His cat is jealous

I want to hold hands too

I think someone’s jealous

When someone orders a tasty cake and you’re on a diet

My dog didn’t know what to think...

When you bring food from home to work

I was jealous of this handsome man’s photo that my girlfriend had on our fridge... So I swapped it out

One look that explains it all

The moment when you just want a strong wind to blow

Hey, human! What’s wrong with my nose

The moment when you realize you want something your friend has

When you are going to teach this guy a lesson

When you have to take it upon yourself to be the center of attention

We hope that the white cat managed to avoid the wrath of the other one. Have you ever seen someone looking at you this way? Tell us in the comment section below!
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