This Insanely Talented Photographer Reveals How He Created Some Truly Stunning Shots

We live in a world where people don’t actually need years of photography skills to create stunning works of art. Anyone with a creative mind can use a ton of different image editing software to bring their imagination to a life-like work of art with having to leave the house or even pick up a camera

Today, we have Calob Castellon who is a Calipatria-based photographer and graphic designer who recently revealed how he made some of the most stunning images you will see. All it took was a gorgeous model and a beautiful background. Next was the use of a good angle to capture the scene and a final touch of Photoshop to create something extraordinary.

Amidst the clouds

Look at this picture and you’ll instantly want to believe it’s Photoshopped. It looks realistic but impossible at the same time. Here’s how it was done. The cloud-like foamy substance is probably cotton from some old pillow or comforter. Added to that, a few lights placed strategically, and this picture looks heavenly

Light it up

This is another ethereal looking picture. It looks like it’s raining tiny lightsabers! In reality, the girl is posing in front of a TV or a monitor that has a high-resolution image which is the background of the photo. With a little help from Photoshop, it looks like the girl is standing amidst a hailstorm of tiny rainbows

Take me away

Yes, it’s obvious – this one has used Photoshop. So what? The picture is just amazing and it is a brilliant idea. In the picture is a guy who is using an ATM. The creator has Photoshopped the ATM machine to make it look like a teleporting machine! And the picture works. It looks quite authentic and magical at the same time

Let the music play

This picture has quite a hip vibe. The girl in the picture is lying on her bed and is listening to music. The photographer has captured the vibe beautifully and with the help of Photoshop has brought out the musical feeling in the picture. The lighting looks absolutely amazing. The musical bars in the background make the picture look gorgeous

Jazzy hands

This picture looks insanely beautiful and ethereal. It kind of gives off an “Avatar” vibe with the bluish hand. But the stars on the skin make it look like a galaxy. However, this isn’t as impossible to recreate as it seems. Look at the second picture and you’ll know exactly what’s going on.  The light from a phone and a lamp created the effect.

With the sea

This is another gorgeous picture. It looks as if the girl is posing in front of a massive aquarium or a marine reserve. In reality, we know that she is just posing in front of a TV in a shop. It’s amazing how the photographer uses common instances and locations to create such magical pictures

Colour me pretty

This is a very colorful and bright picture. It uses location excellently, once again.  Posing in front of a color gallery with hundreds of shades, the photographer creates a beautiful effect. There is probably no Photoshop used in this. He just uses his photography skills to capture this beautiful image.


This picture may look unrealistic and even animated to some extent. But this was shot in an unbelievable reallocation. It was shot in a store! These blinds were on display and the photographer used his skill and ability to spot potentially good locations to create this stunning picture. The girl, who appears in almost every picture, looks extremely beautiful in this one

Another one with the flowers

This is another example of how the smallness of a space cannot restrict the potential of the picture. There are several ways to manipulate space and volume and this photographer excels in this department. Once again, it appears as if the girl is amidst a field of flowers. But as we can see in the second picture, she is at a greenhouse or a flower shop

Midnight hunger pangs

We all feel hungry at odd times sometimes. Many of us have a habit of conducting a raid on the fridge after everyone is asleep. That’s what the girl in the picture is doing too but we sure don’t look this good when we do it. The simple act of stealing food looks pretty and mystified in this picture. Need we say more about the artistic capabilities of this photographer?

In the greenery

This is another extremely well-captured and beautiful picture. The girl is posing in front of some trees. The trees are growing horizontally in a straight line. Yet the photographer has used the location perfectly to obtain a simple yet breathtaking shot.  There are essentially only two colors in the picture- the green of the trees and the lavender of the girl’s sweater.

That’s Taco Bell

Thanks to the comments we know that in the picture, the menu that can be seen is a Taco Bell menu. The photographer has used the same trick of selective focus that he has used in many of his photos. The picture looks gorgeous because of the golden glow from all the lighting but it’s not glaring. It is soothing and makes the picture stand out and look natural

Hold the light

This is another astonishingly beautiful and futuristic looking picture. This looks like a vortex of light and the beautiful light looks magical. The fact that a person seems to be holding it, adds to the magical vibe of the picture. But this is not really impossible to do. What happened was that this image was shown in high resolution on a TV or a computer monitor. The photographer used his skills and made it look this magical

Is this the future ?

The picture shows a girl in some sort of a machine which looks highly technical and futuristic. Yes even in this one Photoshop has been used. But it has been used well. In reality, the girl is standing in front of tub and shower door samples. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic looking futuristic picture

A floral affair

It looks like this picture was taken in a field with these flowers in some lonely and far off place. This photograph is proof that the right angles can look something small and sparse look much denser. This is not a large field full of flowers but just a bush in the garden. The way the picture has been clicked reveals almost nothing about the location

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