108 Epic Fails By People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

Imagine this scenario: upon waking up in the morning, you find out that you have overslept and now are late for work, so while pouring a quick cup of coffee you put salt instead of sugar in it. After you've locked the door and went halfway to work in your car, you spot that you are wearing your fluffy pink slippers, that are oh so inappropriate for work. When you've somehow managed to suffer through the day and decide to treat yourself with a nice meal on your way back home, lo and behold, your wallet is nowhere in sight. All pissed off as a bear awaken from its winter slumber you stomp into your house, trip on the doormat, fall and hit your nose, causing you a nosebleed. It definitely sounds like you are terribly unlucky, right?

Not to worry though, as you can always console with other peoples' bad luck and epic fails - all of us do have these kinds of worst days ever. All you can do, really, is get through it, get an early night, start afresh tomorrow, and forget about the sad story called yesterday.

Sometimes though, it's all about perspective. Are things really that bad? Maybe after seeing this list, compiled by Bored Panda, you'll change your mind a bit. Now benefitting from the funny fails of others is not usually something we encourage, but these people are having a really lousy day. So cheer up, it could be worse! Scroll down below to check these unfortunate folks out for yourself, and be prepared to feel some schadenfreude too!

Nothing But Trouble

Bride-To-Be's Wig Fell Off During The Engagement Shoot, But She Totally Owned The Moment

Needless To Say, I Don't Think It's Good News

Wholesome, But Still...

I Don't Need A Full Face Helmet, Karen

Red-Eye Flight Seattle To NY And I Don’t Know These Kids. That’s My Seat In The Middle

Maybe A Bit Too Much Rain

We Got Caught In The Rain. My Dog Despises The Rain

I'm A Beginner Beekeeper And I Am Told That A Sting To The Face Is A Rite Of Passage. So I Have That Going For Me... Which Is Nice

A Bird Flew In My Window, Sh*t On My Laptop, And Decided To Die Right In Front Of Me. How's Your Day Going?

There Was An Attempt To Drive Across The Frozen Lake

A Surprise... But An Unwelcome One, To Be Sure

Is There Anything Worse Than This?

I Split Up With My Boyfriend Yesterday And Fell Asleep While He Was Packing. Woke Up To See That He Stole My Toilet

My Classmate Dyed His Hair And Then Realized He Was Allergic To Hair Dye

Well... I'm Not Going Anywhere, I Guess 

Turns Out That My Irrational Childhood Fear Wasn't So Irrational After All

Good Luck Using That Excuse

A Crow Stole 100 Bucks From These Guys

Thank You, Facebook

New Skeleton Found In Pompeii: This Guy Was Running From The Eruption, When A 300 Kg Boulder Hit Him Right In The Face 

Star Wars Disappointment

At Least It's Funny For The Dad

That's Why You Shouldn't Wear Jeans With Holes On Sunny Days

Guess I'll Die

Stolen Porch

Needless To Say, I Don't Think It's Good News

Elyse Brought Home A New Kitty Today! Gavin Hoefs Recorded Them Bonding On The Way Home

Wife Asked Me To Check If The Chickens Laid Any Eggs. I'm Gonna Say No

This Is What Hail Damage To A Moon Roof Looks Like

You Know Life Hates You, When...

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