15+ Hilarious Selfie Fails Will Be Your Today’s Dose Of Fun

Listed up in this post are some of the most hilarious selfie posts found online. Scroll on and enjoy peeps

Get yourself a pet that is as weird as you… or more

My dad taking a selfie the old school way

Fan spills drink on Coolio while taking a selfie

Me laughing at my life right now

Wallaroo selfie didn’t quite go as planned

Keeping it real

True friends photo-bomb like this

I wish a had a video because it literally ripped off her whole shirt

When you accidentally open the front camera

this selfie isn’t lined up right

Something more than just a selfie

The shadow gave up on him

Run for your lives!!

You lose!

So this is why girls go to the restroom together…

Feeling dehydrated

These face swaps really suck

My brother couldn’t handle my beautiful selfie face

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