25 Extra Drolling Photos Of Celebrities Photoshopped By A Genius

Wtf, brilliant, so funny: these are the words truly represent this Instagram genius. A guy from Belgium hilariously photoshopped himself into celebrities pictures like a pro. Every single picture is so funny filled with ridiculous body movements. In fact, he is a really funny dude on the internet. You can discover his photoshop skills at Averagerob and follow his account for the new absurd updates. The way he entered himself in the photos is very ludicrous. Swishtoday has made a list of his most entertaining photoshopped images you will definitely enjoy them. Scroll down and have fun


Happy Birthday Eminem

The Surrogate Mother

This Is The Spoiler One


Important Business Meeting With Mark Today


Awkward First Date Be Like

Good One

What Kind Of Noodles Are These ?


The Third Wheel

So Bromantic

Good Old Memories

Keep Holding Lady Gaga

Damn It Rihana!

Photoshop Goals

Thanks For Support Selena

Stop Running Leo

Iceland Is Beautiful Though

Wait Ariana!

Thirdwheeling So Hard

Thanks Spiderman

Hey, There’s Another Marshmallow!

On Our Way

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