25+ Ultimate Funny Roasted Pictures From The Bottom Of The Internet (Part2)

People are getting funnier than ever, they want to be talked, discussed and mentioned in comments. The latest trend on the internet depicts how boys and girls of the age are so fascinated to be roasted by the viewers. They are taking their selfies with simple expressions wearing ordinary outfits and post them on the internet for roasting. The results are super hilarious and pretty much unexpected

Swishtoday created a list of rotisseries roasts again to make you laugh so hard that you will drop yourself on the floor. Time to sneak a peek

Body Say 18 Face Say 80

I Wouldn’t Recognize You In A Crowd Of 2

You’re So Plain Looking…

You Would Actually Be Really Pretty If You Were Pretty

You Have The Kind Of Looks That Make People Talk About Your Personality

You Probably Punched A Redbox Machine

You Aren’t Pregnant, Good Try

You Could Probably Stand And Yell ‘Who Wants To Take Me Home

This Will Probably Be The Most Attention You Ever Get, Until..

Didn’t Even Know Sith Lords Used Reddit

Your Shirt Out Of Old Leopard Panties



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