30 Designers Who Had One Job and They Failed Miserably

There are always people who don’t take their work seriously and believe in shortcuts even when there’s no room for it. And some of these designers’ “masterpieces” are so epic that you can’t help but wonder how on Earth they managed to fail in such a ridiculous way. Lucky for all of us, someone spotted these mistakes and now we can all see these examples of outstanding work and have a good laugh.

Bright side came across a few outstanding “oopsies” in design that will make you giggle. Let’s laugh together!

Just imagine that you’re a kangaroo

If you need sick leave, here’s the shortcut to a migraine

Nobody said that it would be easy

For those who like to take risks

That’s what a true open plan looks like

For those who have nothing to hide

The stairway to heaven has no easy entry

Push-bike + drain = disaster

Next time, just remove them — surely it’s there for decoration

Why you need to study science at school

eggs…seriously ?

Physical challenge accepted!

The space is allocated. Literally

I wish I had no imagination

Safe, yes. Fun? Not so sure…

Mission impossible

Safety? What safety?

The new challenge: count the steps on these stairs

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