Parenting Is A Hard Job – Memes (Part 2)

Have you ever babysit a kid? If yes, you may have experienced a number of unbearable things about kids. They keep messing around the house doing unforgivable stuff. Which proves parenting is a hard job

Dinner was on the wife last night

My 3 yr old is obsessed with zombies. So like any irresponsible parent, I made him a zombie bed sheet at his request

Looks like he had a storage tank but waiting for the right moment

My 2 year old daughter somehow went in & got stuck like that... had to take a picture for the archives

“Every time I fall asleep, he takes funny pictures on my webcam.”

Humor] My son says I look like Ironman when I wear a diaper on my head

Gaming and parenting

We left her alone for FIVE minutes

I have two young daughters. About once a week I find our cat like this

“She was so excited for her first day of school until she realized I couldn’t stay with her.”

I survived my daughter's 7th birthday party!

Just being a dad

They say as a parent the bathroom is the only alone time you get

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