Unless staying on top of your fashion game is a priority, it is hard to always know what is in and what isn’t. However, we all can agree that no matter how bad your fashion choices are they can’t compare to the ones below

Compiled by BemeThis, we have this amazing list of embarrassing fashion trends which will definitely make you cringe

Wrong zipper placement!

It's supposed to be a safety pin...

That awkward moment when your shirt is supposed to say Canada, but....

 When you're so happy at your wedding, you start "Farting Chiffon"

The "Keep Calm" trend has officially gone too far!

Whoever designed these must have climbed up the Stupid and kicked away the ladder!

Jeans With Knee Windows!

He should see a doctor

Hey There, Big Fella!

Creators of this suit must be feeling embarrassed after seeing the result of this shameful design

Bad Enough That Someone Designed That Bikini, But Someone Actually Bought It

See-through plastic pants.... Honestly, Why

A rear I like to bump into....LOL!

That time of the month

For people who really hate to do laundry

The shirt "Design" makes him look like he is walking around with a massive wedgie

When your designer's a bit of a dick

LulaRoe strikes again with the random placement of Santa's hand

An illustrate for the word "useless"!

LOL they want me to pay for this

Looks like Bill Cosby's favorite T shirt

These tye dye shorts are really confusing

Human Centipede 4 - Betty's revenge

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